Miracles Breaking Out In Church

Elisha, Michigan, USA (Spirit Lifestyle Coach & Hub Rep)

I preached yesterday at my dads church (the church I grew up in), I have never done that before. It was scary but exciting at the same time! I shared what God has been doing with our Spirit Lifestyle Saturday morning classes and shared testimonies of how God has been moving in deliverance and healing in our miracle hub.

Then I offered prayer and a dozen people came to the altar, one after the other we all witnessed pain leave backs, knees, shoulders, hands and hips, a girl gave her life to Jesus. Others came in proxy for loved ones with illnesses and some believing God for healing from cancer and tumours. Two people came to me after service and said they were sitting and listening and their back pains left as I was praying for someone else at the alter. Wow! Our Jesus is so grand!

My dads church is very religious and traditional. I was a little concerned how I would be received, but God moved in power, I asked God to illuminate their hearts and open their eyes to what He’s doing today. He demonstrated so much! I’m so happy for everyone who believed and opened their hearts to receive an encounter with Jesus. He wrecked all of us, I’m praying they will never be the same in Jesus name.

One person reached out to me this morning saying they had sleep paralysis and hallucinations nightly up until our prayer at the altar yesterday. She slept wonderfully last night with no problems, she believes it left when she came and surrendered to Jesus. I also had a word of knowledge that someone was soon to be a manager, and the guy came up and said he’s been offered a management position but was afraid to take it. God encouraged him and he’s going to go ahead and take it in faith. Just so much happened. I wanted to share with you all. Our God is really good! I’m learning that the more we step out and take action like the Acts church in the bible, it sets up more opportunities for Jesus to bless His people whom He love so much.

Thank you Rob, Aliss and all of Spirit Lifestyle. I’m only doing this because of the encouragement I’ve received from this online community!