Miracles At The Salon

Well, I had my hair done in a salon today (by the girl in the pic) for the first time since 2019. I’ve been doing it myself since before lockdown, so I was looking forward to having someone else cut it, as opposed to me hacking at it as usual!

Anyway, I was sitting at the washbasin and the lady doing my hair had to bend down to pick something up off the floor and she was complaining about the pain in her hips. So I said to her, “Come here, Jesus will sort you out!” and she came round and let me pray – I released the power of Jesus and she seemed to feel better. Then another stylist who was watching told me that her hips hurt, and actually her knees were even worse, and could I pray for her too? I couldn’t reach her very well as she was behind the washbasins and I had my head back over the sink with wet hair – you would have laughed if you’d seen us.

But I managed to get my hand out from under my cape and aimed it in her direction. The next thing, she’s doing a little dance and saying she feels right as rain! Then she’s asking me questions about Jesus.

Then a bit later on, this stylist (in the photo) came by with her hand strapped up, and one of the women who’d already been healed told her to get me to pray. She’d fallen 3 months ago and broken her scaphoid bone – it’s somewhere between the wrist and the thumb and damaged her nerves and tendons too. She’d had all sorts of medication including morphine and physio and needed to have surgery next as they didn’t know what else to do. She was still in a lot of pain, unable to move it properly and couldn’t sleep at night it was so bad. Plus, she wasn’t able to work properly.

I told her about the time I was in South Wales in a pub and miracles began breaking out there, and how a workman got healed of a broken scaphoid bone – we actually watched it move back into place supernaturally and I’d managed to film it!

So I took her hand and released the power of Jesus and told the bone to reconstruct, tendons and nerves to be healed and for all the pain to go. She looked shocked and said she felt something freaky in her hand which travelled up her arm, and was really weird. She felt a pressure lift off her hand and all the pain went with it. I spoke to her later and she let me take her picture and said her hand was perfect! I watched her working on someone’s hair without any difficulty at all. Thank you Jesus! And she did a great job of my hair 🙂

Aliss Cresswell

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