Love In Action!

Aliss Cresswell

Two students came in – one said he’d heard about our Miracle Café and wanted to try it out. When I took their orders, he asked for a personal prophecy which we gave and he told us it was really meaningful to him. His friend said he didn’t want anything spiritual as he’d been into ‘religion’ when he was younger and had gone off it. I did explain that we weren’t really into religion either, but left it at that.


Three customers on another table told me they’d come a distance – they all wanted something off the spiritual menu and stayed for a while ordering plenty of food and drinks too, which we appreciate probably as much as the customers do.


Incredibly, one of them came over to the bar and paid for the two students’ meals and drinks without them knowing, and they’d never even met them before – it was completely random. You should have seen the students’ faces when they later got up to pay and were told that another customer had paid for it all. They could hardly believe it.


I think maybe the young guy who was ‘off religion’ actually encountered the LOVE of Jesus in action – I watched as they walked up the road still shaking their heads laughing and grateful. It made their day and I guess they won’t forget that in a long time.

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