Kidney Stones Gone!

Motlalepula, Botswana (Spirit Lifestyle Coach)

When I woke up this morning I asked the Lord to give me a word of knowledge for someone I will meet today! Around 9am I received a call from a gentleman I know, he said he was diagnosed with kidney stones and an inflammation in the left kidney. He is booked for a specialist and is stuck in bed because the pain was so bad. I offered to pray with him.

I shared with him about the power of agreement (as taught by Aliss). The importance of renouncing satan’s plan and embracing God’s plan for our lives. We read John 10:10 Jeremiah 29:11 Luke 10:19. I then lead him to through the 5R process (see below). I asked him how he was feeling and he said no pain! I said stand up walk, bend, twist. He said the pain is gone! As we were praying I had a word of knowledge about a stressful situation at his work place. When I mentioned this word to him, he was surprised and his wife confirmed that for the past week he has been worried about an unpleasant environment in work. They were so surprised! We prayed together for his work environment to change.

Around 1 pm they called again. The man said he has no pain at all and was wondering if the doctors will think he was making it up. I advised him that he should go for all tests and get the doctor’s clearance. I had another word of knowledge that all the stones will come out of his body. I don’t know how, but they will! He said “I went to the pass urine and a small stone fell into the toilet.” He says he put on a glove and picked it out but his wife said throw it out. I said okay more will come out and please take a picture before you throw them out. They said we want to pray again! Their faith was so elevated they said teach us to pray. I discussed with them about spiritual authority as taught by Rob and Aliss.

They were so hungry to know more about Jesus they called again at 4pm and said they want to pray again. During this 4pm prayer they gave their lives to Jesus and we prayed for financial deliverance. I realised afterwards that the Lord had answered my prayer and gave me words of knowledge for this couple. They phoned to chat to me and say they are not well, only for them to receive salvation and healing. Glory to Jesus!

The 5R process for deliverance as shared by Spirit Lifestyle Coach Elisha Brown

Recognize – that help is needed, that there is an evil spirit that must go, investigate where it stemmed from (ask the Holy Spirit to expose the root)
Repent – for any opened doors that we’ve come into agreement with, for any involvement.
Renounce – any evil spirits through prayer, reject the agreement, break the covenant.
Remove – it can be commanded to leave now that it is renounced, closing the door of the enemy.
Refill – that space with the Holy Spirit, invite the Holy Spirit in, filling every compartment, leaving no area untouched.