Jesus Is The Door!

A LADY CAME INTO THE CAFE after seeing us on Facebook and was interested in the spiritual menu. She had a coffee and a bacon and egg sandwich and asked for personal prophecy. Straight away we sensed God’s love for her and how she’s been seeking the spirit realm but not getting anywhere and now God is wanting her to know that it’s time for her to enter the spirit realm through Jesus who is the door, the legal access point and to really start living! That He’s just waiting for her to surrender her life to Him and that’s when the real adventure will begin.

She nodded and told us she’s been teaching meditation and has had decades of spiritual practices through other means, but hasn’t progressed any further than when she started. All that effort, but for what!?

She’s very close to asking Jesus into her life – I think she will when she gets home. I gave her one of my booklets ‘Your Spirit Life’ to help her, as that explains how to enter the spirit realm safely through Jesus.

Aliss Cresswell

So many people we meet are well aware of the spirit realm, but have no idea how to access it safely, or of the dangers of going through other means. If that’s you, we’d love to help you explore more and encounter everything that’s been made available to you through the person of Jesus. You can get copies of my booklet YOUR SPIRIT LIFE and join our online portal by following the button below.