I Was Healed In The Cafe!

SV, Wales, UK

I visited the miracle café in Bangor the first week it opened after being told about it from a friend. I limped in with a walking stick with bone on bone arthritis in my knee. I have been put forward for a new knee by my doctor. I requested a healing from the spiritual menu at the café and I was prayed for. I walked out without my stick and have been pain free ever since!! Last Tuesday I visited again with a bad back and problems with my shoulder – I have dislocated it twice and have never had full movement since, I could only lift it to a certain height. But amazingly immediately after prayer I could lift my arm and can even scratch the itch on my back!!! But more importantly can now worship with both arms – Hallelujah!! Thank you so much for your live broadcast today and the story about the diary of miracles which I am currently reading. I have ordered more copies, I was telling a neighbour about it and whilst on the phone the postman delivered a copy which I immediately ran down to give it too her. God bless you!

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