How Did You Do That?!

FOUR TEENAGE GIRLS CAME INTO THE CAFE. They giggled the whole time I showed them the spiritual menu, but wanted me to explain it, which I did. They said they didn’t want anything off that menu, just food and drinks. But every so often they’d call me over to their table to explain it a bit more, giggling the whole time I was talking – they didn’t know what to make of it.

They were scared to order anything off the spiritual menu, but while I was talking, they asked ‘Could you sort out our ex-boyfriends for us?’ – two of them were saying how they’d broken up with their boyfriends and hadn’t heard from them in a while and they were sad about it. Literally, as they were telling me this, both boys texted the two girls, independently from each other and without the girls texting them first, and just a couple of seconds apart.
The girls started freaking out and screaming ‘How did you do that!?’ They were even more scared then! But they had lots more questions about the supernatural and about God and eventually one of them agreed to let me prophesy.

They all sat there with their mouths open in disbelief as I told her stuff that no-one apart from her friends knew, and since I’d never seen her before, they knew it must be God.

The next thing, they’re all asking for a prophetic word each. We shared words of knowledge too – I asked which one was having bad dreams and one girl responded so I was able to pray for her and prophesy encouragement for her.

I then looked at one girl and got the word ‘trouble’. I sensed that she caused a lot of trouble for her family and those around her, but I didn’t mention that. I said she’d been in trouble and trouble seemed to gravitate towards her and would she like that breaking off? She really wanted to be set free from that, so we prayed and she looked lighter and calmer and all of them were eager to encounter Jesus.

They all loved the prayers and prophecy. One minute they were giggling but then deadly serious and freaking out. It was really quite funny. We all felt the presence of the Holy Spirit strongly. Then they asked about Bibles and how could they get one. We have some here to give away, but we also helped them get Bible apps on their phones – they seemed keen to read it. So amazing!

Aliss Cresswell

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