Gross wound instantly healed

Aliss, in Stuttgart Germany

A woman approached me in Germany saying, “Look what’s happened to my knee!” Well, she actually said it in German, and I needed it translating, but she was showing everyone her knee. It was at the event I was speaking at. I could see the skin looked slightly pink, and there was the remains of what looked like an old, small wound so I wondered what she was trying to tell me. But then she showed me a photo she’d taken the same day. I was amazed (and a bit grossed out to be fair)! If you click the ‘after’ photo, you’ll see the ‘before’ picture – WARNING! sorry it’s gross – but this is supernatural. She told me Jesus had healed her knee instantly after she took the photo. The before pic shows almost all her knee area covered by this open wound.

We had something similar happen in our Blacon café some years ago. A guy had punched a window and the broken glass had sliced an inch of flesh away from his finger, we could see the bone. Instead of going to hospital, we prayed and he was healed. I’ll post the photos of that another time. If you have a wound somewhere on your body, simply receive the healing for that from Jesus right now. He’s done it before and He’ll do it again!