First Class In Bangor!

Stu, Wales (Coach)

Praise God for the amazing Miracles at our first Spirit Lifestyle class in the Miracle Café in Bangor! There were around 20 people there, including local people, some who had been to café already, and people who had been helping out in the Café from lots of different parts of the world – We were very international! We introduced ourselves & found out about the people in the room and asked if anyone had received a miracle in the café. We introduced Spirit Lifestyle & watched the class taster session and the anointing of God was in the room. One lady felt a reassuring hand on her back, another coughed & felt something leave, some people felt peace in their heart. Claire’s hands felt hot & sweaty so she felt the Lord wanted to do more healing, so those who knew Jesus prayed for others. One person felt heat in their shoulder, another had prayer for their knee & we were able to speak an encouraging prophetic word to them too, one lady felt something leave her & peace come, another prayer for healing in back, & another healing for an ankle injury. The ankle injury guy said it felt a bit better so we prayed again for him to receive full healing in Jesus name. I think people felt very relaxed & encouraged! They chatted at the end for quite some time & the Lord released some more prophetic words informally at the end as people connected with each other. A great first session, thank You Lord!