Encountering The Living God

Spirit Lifestyle Team Member, Wales, UK

My Son was amazed by the personal story a homeless woman who the Holy Spirit asked him to give money to. Her testimony of encountering the living God will astound you!

My son who is a student had a really wonderful encounter today in the city where he studies. He saw a couple of homeless guys last week & felt moved to buy them some iced lollies/popsicles to keep cool in the sun. Today he saw them again & asked how they were. A homeless woman who was busking on the street not far away called him over & advised him to be careful of them as they are well known for trying to get a lot of money out of people. He had a brief chat with her & said thank you & cycled home. But on his way home he felt the Holy Spirit tell him to turn around & to go back to speak to this woman & to give her the emergency money that he had in his pocket. So he dropped his shopping at home & cycled back praying all the way there.

When he reached her he said “this may sound crazy but I’m a Christian & God speaks to me, & He just told me to come & find you & to give you this money!” She replied that he wasn’t crazy at all, & shared with him how God had previously saved her life! He was intrigued & asked her to share her story. She pulled up her sleeves & showed him the scars where she had obviously hurt herself in the past. She said one day she was so low that she wanted to end her life then & there, & she found herself in a Psychiatric ward. While she was there contemplating how to kill herself she received a phone call. On the other end of the line was a stranger. This person said to her “you do not know me, but I just had a picture of you in the sea & you were drowning, & Jesus was stretching out His hand to pull you up from out of the water. You don’t know me, but God knows you, & he told me you were in a Psychiatric ward! WOW!! Well this woman was so impacted by this that she told my son she has never doubted the existence of God from that moment onwards!

She told him that her life still a bit difficult, but she now had people who would give her a bed for two nights a week, & the other days she busked with her guitar to earn the money for somewhere to sleep. She told my son that the money he had just given her was enough for her to secure another night in a room so she could relax now. She went on to tell him that since that day when God reached out through a stranger to help her she has helped many people on the streets who have felt suicidal like she once did (thank you Lord!) Then my son asked her if she had ever read a Bible. She told him that she had a Bible but she had spilt coffee on it & someone was going to get her a new one. He asked her if she had ever read the Psalms. She replied “yeah, they’re kind of like lyrics aren’t they!” He asked her if she had ever thought of setting any of them to music & singing them & telling God how she felt about Him (because he could see in the Spirit that she was a worshipper.) She replied that she didn’t have a great voice, but my son reassured her that it didn’t matter at all. She was amazed by this idea & said she had never thought of doing this & didn’t even know that it was possible! She said she would try & learn some worship music!

My son doesn’t know if he will see this lady again, but he was so amazed & encouraged by her story that he’s been telling everyone he knows on his street! He was so grateful that the Holy Spirit told him to go back to give her that money & that she could share her testimony with him. Please join him in prayer for this lady that her life will just get better & better & that she would find a secure place to live. Pray that she would build an amazing relationship with the God who saved her through the phone-call of a stranger, & that she would become a wonderful worshipper of the Lord!

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