Hey! Is This For Real?!!

Althea, United Kingdom

I heard of Rob & Aliss Cresswell 2 years ago. I thought they were just another name, in Christianity. I attended their miracle online event just recently. Hey! Is this for real?!!

Electricity fired up around my both hands for about 7 minutes or so. I was looking at my hands, I didn’t see any electricity but I could feel it crystal clear. My bones were in a very bad condition from osteo arthritis and osteoporosis, that it had twisted a couple bones in my spine pressing on the nerves… I could not even sit or walk for more than 1 minute. That miracle event made the bones in my spine go back into place. I can sit, walk and hop like a kangaroo lol.

I subscribed immediately with SpiritLifestyle.com cause this place is where I need to be, Jesus is very much alive here. Because Jesus lives, I am able to live also. Thank you Rob & Aliss Cresswell.