Dream Interpretation

A YOUNG COUPLE came into the café just thinking they were going to get a coffee; they got a whole lot more than they were expecting! Firstly, they were surprised by the feel of the place and then by all the tasty sounding items on the menu – they chose Belgian waffles with maple syrup and ice cream. Then you should have seen the look on their faces when they discovered the spiritual menu!

The guy told us he’d had a recurring dream for most of his life and had no idea what it meant or why he kept dreaming it. I was asking the Holy Spirit to help me interpret it, but didn’t feel I was explaining myself very well, so I decided just to prophesy to him instead. It turned out what I said uncovered the meaning of his dream and he was so happy to finally know what it was all about! Apparently it helped him understand that his business skills had come from God, what direction to go in, and not to do things in his own strength so much, but to allow God into his life and to surrender control to Him.

We also prophesied to the young lady – we all got a bit emotional at that point – with tears in their eyes they were both saying how accurate and helpful it all was. They’d never experienced anything like it before and didn’t know there was a God who cared about them and their future.

Interpreting the dreams we have can help us in everyday life, much more than we realise. Of course, not all dreams are significant in this way – some are simply our anxieties playing out in our heads, and others can be due to the food we’ve eaten or the movies we’ve watched.

Perhaps you’ve had a significant or recurring dream and would like to know what it means, or you’d love to be able to help interpret other people’s dreams? We’ve got a whole video series on dreams that I’m sure you’ll find helpful on our online portal, which you can watch on your own or join one of our weekly Classes and go through the training and activations together. Or you can write your dream on our community page and ask other members to interpret it for you.

Aliss Cresswell