Double Car Miracle

Motlalepula, Botswana (Spirit Lifestyle Coach)

My car was making a rattling sound on the wheel whenever I stepped on the break. The mechanic replaced some parts but it was getting worse! Now there was another sound even without me braking. I was disappointed and sad. For two days the car was making unusual noises. Whilst praying at night, Holy Spirit whispered to me to pray for the car as if it were a person. I said “Lord, forgive me for agreeing that my car has a fault in the wheel. I repent of this sin and I renounce it. I don’t agree with it any longer!”. I commanded the fault to get out of my car in Jesus name. In the morning I drove the car and there was no sound!! I hit the break, no sound. Glory to Jesus!!

Not long after this happened my daughter’s car was not picking up speed, it just wouldn’t go beyond 20 km/hr. She had to leave it parked for 3 weeks and she was borrowing a car from her work place. She was so encouraged by my testimony that she went into her car and prayed. Then drove out. She went onto the main road and increased speed. The car just would not go, it was not picking speed. So she came back and called me. In her words -” it needs a higher authority”.

We got into the car and I told her to drive. We stopped outside the gate and I asked her to follow me in prayer. But then I also got a word of knowledge that she had fear and doubt. I quoted 2 Timothy 1:7 “God did not give us a spirit of fear but of power…” I then said let us go. She drove onto the main road, the car picked speed, immediately!! She drove to a road with low traffic and tested the speed and the brakes passing other cars. The atmosphere in the car was electric, I was praising God, she was singing! It was as if we were lying when we said it had not been moving. we made three trips along that road. Later in the evening we went to town, and the car was working perfectly.

We learned that there is a devourer spirit and it can attach itself to anything even non living objects. Most importantly we learned that ‘nothing was made without the Word…’ non living object must therefore hear and obey the Word of the Lord! Amen!

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