Deaf Ears Healed!

Elisha, Michigan, USA (Coach & Hub Rep)

My husband and I are passing out boxes of fresh food to people in our neighbourhood and cities near by. It’s a great way to meet new people and introduce many to Jesus. We dropped a box to a guy who asked us to drop one off to his mother. So we went to drop off a box to his mother and she couldn’t hear anything we were saying. She asked us to pull our masks down so she could read our lips. So I asked if I could pray for her ears, she allowed me to and was healed. I’m truly thankful for Holy Spirit moving. I prayed for only 1 min, we have many boxes and have to keep it moving . I asked her permission to take a video testimonial, wanted to share with you all. Glory to Jesus forever!! Stepping out in faith, taking risks. So exciting!

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