Clairvoyant Turns To Jesus

A CLAIRVOYANT CAME INTO OUR CAFÉ with her middle-aged daughter. They both felt drawn to the place and said something pulled them in. After ordering food and drinks, the daughter explained how she was in a lot of pain with fibromyalgia. She’d also been to the hospital in the past week for an epidural because of slipped discs in her back, but it hadn’t worked and told us she was still in agony.

She also shared how her mind was cloudy with like a fog and she felt confused and couldn’t think straight. She asked for healing from Jesus and just sitting at the table she encountered the Holy Spirit so powerfully that she almost passed out. I was glad she was sitting down! When she came to, she exclaimed that all the pain had gone – the fibromyalgia, the slipped disc pain and everything. She could not stop smiling.
Her mother then explained that she too had fibromyalgia – severe pain throughout her body. For decades she told us that she’d been a clairvoyant, on a stage in London, and also did tarot card readings.

When we explained about Jesus and how He’s the only safe, legal door into the spirit realm and going through other access points can be dangerous, she nodded and said how she felt she’d had enough of that career as it hadn’t got her anywhere, and wondered if her ill health was a result of it. We offered her a fresh start through Jesus. She readily accepted and asked God to forgive her for being involved in the clairvoyancy and all the other practices.
Then as they experienced the love of Jesus some more, they were both really keen to ask Jesus into their lives. So they did right away.

The word clairvoyant actually means seeing clearly, with clarity, and it’s interesting that the daughter had a lot of confusion and couldn’t think clearly at all – that is, until after they’d both invited Jesus into their lives. We explained how the devil blinds people’s minds from knowing the truth, and operates with counterfeit spirits, bringing confusion, not clarity.

We then prayed for the younger woman’s mind and she told the spirit of confusion and fogginess to leave her – she felt a weird sensation like things coming out of her eyes as the demons left and then she was so much brighter and said she could think straight for the first time in a long while.

After her mother had given her life to Jesus she said, “I’ve waited all my life for this. I knew there was something much more. It was my 80th birthday yesterday and I feel like this is just the beginning. It is so amazing. It was God who brought us in here for a reason.”

This is just one of hundreds of Jesus encounters that have taken place in our Miracle Café in Bangor, Wales since we opened a couple of months ago. God is on the move, drawing the spiritually hungry to Himself, and not just here in Wales, but He wants to do it in your community too, through you! We would love to help equip and activate you to reach out to others. Me and my husband Rob and our wonderful team have set up an online training portal and supportive community at where you can do just that. You can also find out more about our Miracle Cafés on the same website – perhaps you’re able to support us financially or consider working with us to open a café near you. We’d love to hear from you!

Aliss Cresswell