Ancient Pathways: Feedback

Lene, Norway (Coach)

I run a Spirit Lifestyle class in my home and we have watched the same video two weeks in a row (Ancient Pathways: Meditation). We feel the topic of being present in our lives is so important, so we wanted to soak with this for an extra week. Lectio Divina (or Holy reading) is an ancient art form that is no longer preached, or taught, even though we need it more than ever! John Paul Jackson wrote a book about this, and Justin Perry has referred to Madam Guyon, a French Catholic woman who was prosecuted because she taught people how to pray, or be silent in the presence of God (She wrote the manifest a short and simple method of prayer).

This ancient pathways series really speaks to us in so many ways, and I could write a really long letter about all the amazing revelations that have come to me this week about this! However, this is a short and simple report so I will keep it brief. The purpose of our spiritual disciplines is His presence, and in His presence, we are present – it is just a beautiful and faith building reminder. One of my members keeps coming back with wonderful testimonies week after week. She is really on a path with Jesus where he is using her to touch people in her surroundings. It is just beautiful to watch and witness the goodness of Jesus that flows through her.

We are all so thankful that Spirit Lifestyle found us!