All Are Welcome Here

TWO LESBIAN WOMEN came into our Miracle Café – actually, one told me they were a trans man. I seated them at a table in the corner and as I explained the menu to them, they said they’d heard all about our fantastic food and the free spiritual menu that we offer – in fact that’s why they’d come.
Apparently a friend of theirs had been in last week with a guy and both received prophecies which were spot on and this friend had told them they’d love it! So they’d driven a long distance to come especially for prophecy and their friend was joining them as she lived locally.

I took their order for food and drinks – there was just me front of house serving customers and we were really busy. All our tables were full and almost every customer was asking for something off the spiritual menu too, so I was racing round doing my best waiting on tables and doing ministry. But every time I went over to this table in the corner to see how they were doing, they told me they were fine and not to worry, they had all day and were happy to keep ordering our delicious food and drinks while they waited for their prophecies! They said they loved the atmosphere and were just soaking it up.

Finally the café began to quieten down and they invited me to sit on the bench next to them. I don’t normally get chance to sit in the café, but I was glad of the break. Each one wanted a prophetic word, and as I shared what the Lord gave me for them, they were amazed at the accuracy of the words and were really impacted by God’s love for them.

God revealed how one hated injustice and how they would stand up for those being unfairly treated and Father God loved that in them. The other went on to explain how they’d suffered trauma – they’d been subject to an awful attack and soon after, hit by a car in a motorcycle accident. Their foot was badly damaged and the surgeon was talking about amputation. They had trouble walking.

As the power of Jesus was released, they looked amazed and quite shocked that the constant pain they’d been suffering instantly disappeared for the first time since the accident. They stood up and walked up and down the café without any problem, perfectly normal.
Apparently they’d also had PTSD and horrible flashbacks regularly, so the spirit of trauma was told to leave at the name of Jesus and they said they felt lighter and calmer and full of peace.

So then I’m explaining more about Jesus and as they’re encountering His love and power in the middle of our café, they both say they want to invite Jesus into their lives, so they did. It was amazing. Their friend was watching as they confessed their sin and the Holy Spirit was moving powerfully as they gave their lives to Jesus and demons were leaving. Their friend asked for another prophecy and for prayer and said she will definitely be back in again.

The wonderful thing about our Miracle Café is that customers can come back time and time again, and often do, bringing their friends and family members. We also offer free Spirit Lifestyle Classes so those who want to go deeper can learn how to live the ‘normal supernatural Christian life’.

Aliss Cresswell

What we’re doing is a HUGE leap of faith for us and as you know we’ve given up our home and everything to do this, but already we’re wanting to open more Miracle Cafes in the UK and in other nations too. If you’d like to give financially to help us do that or want to be involved in opening a Miracle Café in your area, then please visit donate or to contact us.