Aliss: Stuttgart Testimonies July 2021

Aliss Cresswell – Stuttgart July 2021

This lady could not move parts of her body for 19 years. One night (at an event I was speaking at in Germany) Jesus healed her, and now everything’s moving again normally! Wow imagine what a difference that will make to her life. Jesus said He came to give us life in all its fullness. It’s time to start living the life you were born for!

We spent 2 hours in the centre of Stuttgart Germany the next afternoon with a microphone. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever preached like this (and even harder with a translator) so I just did what I do when I’m with one person and shared Jesus, released words of knowledge, miracles and prophesied. Oh and asked who wants to give their life to Jesus! I can’t remember how many responded to that question there were many!! We drew a big crowd. This was one guy (above) who responded when I asked who had a major fear. He felt the spirit of fear leave when we prayed and he asked Jesus into his life and said he felt so different! That’s my Jesus

These are the first 4 (above) who came forward to give their lives to Jesus in Stuttgart city centre. I was apprehensive, but holding the microphone, I asked ‘Who here cannot walk?’ The lady on the right said she could not move her legs properly and had pain throughout her body so we released the power of Jesus as a crowd gathered to watch and she began to walk, then run around and was crying and shouting that all the pain had gone!

I asked if she would like to know Jesus personally and she said yes then I asked who else wanted to get saved and these 3 others came forward from the crowd and all gave their lives to Jesus with tears in their eyes and joy in their hearts! These were the first of many others yesterday to get saved and receive a miracle from Jesus. If you want to see a miracle too, you’ll need to step out in faith. What challenging thing is the Lord asking you to do?

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