A Guy Came Into The Café With A Broken Arm…

A GUY CAME INTO THE CAFE and told us he’d broken his arm 12 weeks ago but was still in excruciating pain and couldn’t lift it much at all. He winced every time he tried to raise it. Another guy on his table suggested he have a healing off our spiritual menu, and he replied, “Go on then”. I don’t think he was expecting anything to happen, but we released the power of Jesus and the next thing he was lifting his arm up and down and told us the pain had gone right down.

He told us that he’d fallen and broken his arm because he’d been drinking and had an addiction. We explained how that can be a spirit of addiction and helped him pray as he began to confess his sin, he broke agreement with the demon, asked for forgiveness from God, told the demons to leave and invited Jesus into his life. His face immediately changed and instead of having a troubled look, his face was literally glowing and he couldn’t stop smiling. He had to sit down before he fell down and he had trouble communicating, he was just so happy and full of the Spirit of Jesus.

Next, a lady told us she needed knee replacement surgery and was in pain with her arthritic knees. Since this guy had just invited Jesus into his life, we explained to him that he now has the same power that raised Jesus to life and created the universe, so would he like to have a go at his first miracle!? He came straight over and began to pray for the woman’s knees. The next thing, she jumps up, says all the pain has gone and doesn’t seem to have the problem anymore. She was feeling the presence of God so strongly that she was perceptibly vibrating!

Things like this happen throughout the day, every day in our Miracle Café and everywhere we go. We’d love to help you live a life like this too, no matter where you are. Our online Spirit Lifestyle community is growing worldwide and we’d love you to join us on there for instant access to training videos, online community, live Q&A and weekly local and online Classes to equip and activate you to live the life you were created for. Come join us at SpiritLifestyle.com – you’ll be amazed at what God has planned for you!