A Fresh Start With God

Aliss Cresswell

A BOY CAME INTO THE CAFE WITH HIS MOTHER for cooked breakfasts – I guess he was around 8 years old. He asked for a ‘fresh start with God’ off the free spiritual menu. I explained to the boy about the fresh start, and that it’s through Jesus and would he like to invite Jesus into his life? He said yes, so I asked his mother what she thought about this.
She explained that her husband – the boy’s father, had sadly died last year. My heart went out to them both. She told me that even though she didn’t believe in Jesus she was happy for her son to ask Him into his life. So I prayed with the boy and then he prayed out loud and gave his life to Jesus.
His mum said she didn’t want to offend me – she was a spiritual person but not into Jesus, and didn’t want that for herself. However, she did ask for a personal prophecy from the menu, which she had to admit was pretty accurate and encouraging.
After that, her son began to complain about his arm stinging. He lifted up his sleeve to show us eczema on his arm. It was bright red and looked sore. He pulled his sleeve down again, but I told him that Jesus was going to heal it and demonstrate to him and his mum that He’s alive and is the highest power in the universe. We told all the eczema to go in Jesus’ name. The boy told us the stinging had stopped and pulled up his sleeve again. This time, all the redness and soreness had gone – his arm looked perfect. He was amazed!
With wide eyes, his mum told us that she’d been in hospital for surgery on her back but she was still in a lot of pain and would love Jesus to heal her.
She stood up ready, but I told her son that since he’d just invited Jesus into his life, he now has the same power residing in him that created the universe, so would he like to release some of that power through the Holy Spirit and do his first miracle? He readily agreed. So he put his hand on his mum’s back and told the pain to go and for her back to be healed in the name of Jesus. Instantly she told us all the pain had gone and she was moving around without any problem. It was incredible. She told us it was just what she needed; she felt so uplifted and they both left with smiles on their faces and stomachs and hearts full!

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